Our Story

Pleased to Meet You

My name is Mika.

My journey to the world of winemaking began on a farm. My parents worked the land, and I grew up immersed in the agricultural lifestyle. In 2006, my partner and I moved to the Golan Heights, where we built our own farm and family.

My fascination with vines took me to the vineyards of the northern Golan Heights, where I learned my trade and was exposed to the wine-making process for the first time. I was hooked, and determined to learn everything I could. To that end, I enrolled for oenology studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem alongside my work. In these fascinating years, I threw myself into my studies and acquired precious skills, practical experience and expertise.

In 2021, I returned to our family farm to continue my personal and professional growth, and my partner and I founded our winery.

Wine opened a whole world before me: one that starts with the soil of the vineyards, continues through the barrels of the winery and ends in the glass in the hand of our customers. It is a meticulous, patient and ongoing process of tweaking and refining.

We are inspired every step of the way by our desire to share this creation, provide a warm welcome to our visitors, and build a community of people who enjoy and cherish our life’s work.

The Vineyards

Our young vineyard is located to the east of Tel Fares in the northeastern Golan Heights, and we expect our first yield in the next few years. We also harvest grapes from the high peaks elsewhere in Israel, where the climate is colder — in Samaria, the Galilee, and the Golan Heights, from the vineyards belonging to our families and to other wonderful, professional and environmentally conscious farmers.

The variety of growth areas allows for complex, interesting wines. Every fruit has its own unique qualities, derived from the vineyard’s soil composition, climate, growing methods, and more.

The Wines

Our wines aspire to a fresh and pure aspect, with a balance between body and complexity, and drinkability and finesse.

We select grapes of the highest quality, so our focus is on wines that accentuate this. Precision in harvest time, delicate and clean handling, minimal interventions, carefully monitored temperature control, balanced use of wood, and other factors, all allow us to achieve wines with quality that stands out. I love combining grape varieties, creating a blend of flavors, aromas and body. I am always happiest when I see visitors to the winery pick out a favorite from our assortment.

The Winery

The winery is located on our family farm in Natur, overlooking the majestic landscapes of the central Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee.
We designed and built every element of the house and winery ourselves, to create a pleasing and harmonious balance between family life, the farm, the winery and our hospitality.

Along with our wines, we offer other quality products, grown and produced with great love and care by farms in the moshav and elsewhere in the Golan Heights: cheeses, olive oil, breads, seasonal fruits, patisserie — at our shop you can find all these and more.


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